Friday, December 30, 2011

FreeLance : neW YeaR

sPeCiaL oFFer for neW YeaR

this special offer (rate) applicable for all rehabilitation;
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • pediatric rehabilitation ( for delay development children)
  • special education rehabilitation
  • geriatric rehabilitation ( for elderly)
  • post fracture and post surgery treatment

for more info, kindly contact me :)

-occupational therapist-

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FreeLance : Learning Disability

learning disability always associate with dyslexia. it is almost the same, but slightly different
learning disability may pertaining to other disability such as physical limitations, down's syndrome, autism, mental retarded and many more..
but, dyslexia usually cause by unable to recognize the letter,spelling, and confusion in calculation.

treatment by occupational therapy regarding both problem, we will tackle the attention and concentration first
then, to give them input about the letter, concept and calculation, we use sensory approach

for example, 
sand therapy - using fingers, to write on the sand..
dough - make the shape of cake, and cut the cake into few pieces.
marbles - for additional and subtract..
whatever it is, occupational therapy can not be a teacher to teach all about the lessons
but, we may help in overcome the problem in built the concept and imagination in them..
-occupational therapy-

Monday, December 26, 2011

preTerM baBy

preterm baby is the baby who is deliver before the due date, a.k.a tak cukup bulan
some of them within range of acceptable weight, and some are underweight..
consider underweight which is below 1.7 or 1.8 kg
so, they will be in incubator or in court for follow up screening by the doctor everyday and every time

as occupational therapy we can help in improving the baby weight,
yup, that's right..
mother breast milk is most important thing and the best remedy for the baby..
well, therapist will help the mother how to do the 'touch therapy' for the baby which is effective to increase baby's weight
for the baby in ward, usually touch therapy will be done by the therapist,
but, it is the best done by the mother because the mother touch is so miracle..

touch therapy is the massage to stimulate all the glands, the sensory, and improve baby's blood circulation..
for the normal baby, they are active in moving, 
but for the preterm baby, they just lying in the couch without playing and moving actively..
thus, we have to stimulate the baby by masaging, and do some light stretching..

the massage should be twice or trice a day
morning, evening, and before sleep..
the baby will be improve in weight..
improve in sensory which is can prevent for delay development..
and improve the circulation..

any info or help, kindly contact me,,

-occupational therapist-

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wHat caN I dO???

a vegetative patient had referred to me for therapy
in the first year working, its quite tough for me
the prognosis was poor, seems the patient can not survive anymore
anyway, it just a prognosis which is miracle might be happen

after referring to the senior, and do some study..
actually my role was big to this patient
i have to keep moving the joints to prevent contracture, prescribe splint, prevent spasticity and many more.

what if,,, the patient had recover, but the joint already tight and the muscle  already stiff????
patient have to undergo more tiring physical rehabilitation so that they can be functional back
and, for the serious case, the spasticity and tightness unable to fix back due to no movement during coma

what ever it is, you have to help patient as you can..
no condition in exception
all patients have right to survive..

- occupational therapist -

Thursday, November 24, 2011

FreeLance : sTroke

as we all know stroke patient apparently have one sided physical impairment and may be minor of major of cognitive and psychological problem.

for physical problem, physiotherapist and occupational therapist have to work together in gaining back the 
function. our general aim is to make client independent in life to the optimum level.

we will improve the range of motion and also muscle strength so that client able to move the affected body part. once the optimum range of motion and strength  had achieved, client can use some of assistive devices to make them easier in daily activities.

FreeLance for stroke (treatment by therapist at home), the treatment also focus the same aims as above. at the same time we will normalize the muscle tone for both flaccid (hypotone) or spactic (hypertone). 

strengthening exercise

feeding training

constrain induced movement therapy (CIMT) and bobath approach are the most applied by the therapist seems is works on stroke client. CIMT is the unaffected will be bandage to avoid client from using it. thus 100% activity during the treatment will only use the affected hand actively. while bobath approach help a lot in improving cleint's proprioception (joints sense) .

later on, the client will be taught how to dress, bath, groom, walk, toilet, independently. all the treatment will be given by stages for grading purpose.

FreeLance Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
for more info, kindly contact
012-352 4252

Friday, November 18, 2011

FreeLance : for ADHD

hye everyone.

thanx for those who contact me regarding the

here, i'll briefly explain what can i do during the treatment session done at the client's home compare to the rehabilitation setting.

first of all, as we all know in rehabilitation setting the equipment is a lot and up-to-date. furthermore, the environment also isolated from others so that the children can pay attention to the activities given during the treatment. but the bussiness hour for freelance more flexible which can fix with parents' time and parents do not have to travel to send their children to get the treatment.

for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) children we are as therapist really concern about the three main things. which are sensory regulation, eye contact, and attention and concerntration   (to reduce hyperactivity)

sensory regulation
at rehabilitation setting, we are equiped with sensory integration room and also the snoezelen room which are help a lot for calming and relaxing purposes and also to regulate the sensory. while at home setting, we are use a lot of hands on techniques for example; to reduce the hyperactivity we use the sensory intergration approach such as joint compression technique, brushing techniqe, and etc.

eye contact
while to imrove the eye contact,the treatment at the rehabilitation centre and home are same. play therapy are most affective for the children. through play therapy, the toys and activities selected by therapist will have certain aims and goals.

attention and concentration
in rehabilitation setting we defenately use the snoezelen room to reduce the hyperactivity and then follow by the table top activities.while, at home we will reduce the hyperactivity by joint compression technique or ' rowing boat' or 'rolling sousage'  then continue with table top activities.

all the aims and goals recommended by the therapist will be discuss with the parents first. once agreed, the treatment will be done accordingly.

the treatment give must follow the priority. for example:

short term goals
1) reduce the hyperactivity
2) improve eye contact
3) improve the sensory regulations

long term goals
1) self care activities (eg. dressing, feeding, and hygiene)
2) school readiness ( eg. fine motor, attention and concentration, behavior and etc)
3) behavior (eg. stop the bad habits such as biting and hurting themselves, disturb others, and tantrums)
4) safety awareness (eg: alert about danger and hazards such as 'hot water', 'fire', 'slippery surface', 'sarp edge', 'strangers', 'cars at the roadside' and manymore)

every treatment to each children might be different to each other. all the traetment and interventions will depends on the asessment results and problems.

for more info kindly contact me (call or sms)

Monday, November 14, 2011

FreeLance Physiotherapist & Occupational Therapist

last time, i had  a few inquiries to do treatment at home..
means, the treatment done at client's house..
thus, the therapies will go to their house for treatment..

here, i wanna share the good news with you all that, my friend and I also doing the freelance for client's who needs our treatment at home.
seems we are in cheras area, we are covering cheras, kajang, bangi, putrajaya, and petaling jaya..  other than that, we are still can help you to get freelance therapist which is our friends will take over that case.

freelance treatment is as usual treatment done in our department. but in department, we will use a lot of modalities and machines. however, home therapy we will do hands on treatment. the aims, objective and result still the same. by the way we will bring some mobile modalities to assist our treatment.

freelance treatment will take about 1 hour treatment for each session. the payment is
not more than RM90!!.
we do not charges the treatment by modalities given, but it is the lum sum charges per session. other than that, we have special packages with special discount for those who want frequent treatment per week.

 treated case:
  • stroke,
  • parkinson's disease
  • cerebral palsy
  • down's syndrome
  • autism
  • dyslexia
  • spinal cord injury
  • bone fractures
  • physical impairment
  • arthritis
  • tendon or nerve injury

the physiotherapy session will done by physiotherapist Izan Noraini bt Zahari

Izan Noraini Zahari, Physiotherapist

and for the occupational therapy done by me, Yusharmayanti bt Yurozian.

Yusharmayanti Yurozian, Occ. Therapy

we all are qualified therapist with few years experience in all area (physical adult, physical child, pediatrics, neurological rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and also geriaterics for elderly)

for any inquiries please kindly call me miss betty at 012-3524252 or 019-6493893 or just write any question or inquiries at comment box below
or emeil at or

Monday, October 31, 2011

'oCcupaTioNaL tHerapY for sPeciaL eDucaTion cHiLdren'

26.10.11 (rabu= depavali)
happy depavali..

aku dijemput oleh sekolah kebangsaan putrajaya presint 8(2) untuk berkongsi info berkenaan occupational therapy for special education children.

talk aku berkenaan apakah rawatan terapi carakerja untuk kanak2 berpendidikan khas.
bile nak cite tentang rawatan mmg la sgt banyak. setiap kanak2 berpendidikan khas memerlukan rawatan yg berbeza bergantung kepada keperluan masing2.

walaupon dari segi diagnose sama, tetapi, setiap kanak2 adalah unik, dah berbeza. 

atucara berlansung dari pukul 8.30 pagi sehingga 12.30 tgh hari
kami di beri satu slot selama 1 jam 30 minit
so, aku berkongsi info berkenaan occupational therapy dan rakan setugas aku membincangkan tetang physiotherapy

 perkara2 yg aku disampaikan:

Kondisi Kanak- Kanak yang Dirawat
Kemampuan fizikal yang terhad , žKes Otopedik, Sindrom Down’s, Cerebral Palsi, žMasalah Neurologi, žAutism, Ketidakupayaan Psikologi, Masalah pembelajaran, dll
1.Menjalankan penilaian dan ujian permulaan (initial assessment)
2.Mencadangkan matlamat rawatan
3.Menjalankan rawatan
4.Menyediakan splin jika perlu 
5.Melakukan penilaian dan ujian semula
6.Menyediakan laporan guru dan doktor 

  • žSensory integration therapy
  • žCognitive- behavioral therapy
  • žGross motor and fine motor training
  • žSelf-care training
  • žSchool setting training
  • dll

ni rakan setugas saya yg membincangkan peranan physioterapy untuk kanak2 physical impairment

sambutan daripada ibubapa terhadap ceramah kami amat menberansangkan.. banyak soalan ditujukan.. anyway, i'm happy sharing the info with the parents, and taught them some simple home programme.
alhamdulillah segala nya berjalan lancar..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dyke-Davidoff MasSon SyndroMe

happy nye dapat patient baru ari ni..
anyway, aku selalu happy dapat patient baru..
walaupon penat, tp puas dapat treat patient seikhlas hati.

ape yg aku nak kongsi pada entry kali ni, aku dapat satu special case..
case yg tak pernah aku blajar selama ni..
well, walaupon dah keje kite still kene blajar, blajar and blajar..

case yg aku dapat hari ni adalah diagnose sebagai Dyke-Davidoff Masson Syndrome

serba sedikit tentang condition ni:
- berlaku sejak lahir
- saiz antara cerebral kanan (otak kanan) dan cerebral kiri (otak kiri) tidak sama, kesan daripada pengecilan atau pembesaran tisu otak.
- penebalan atau penipisan cranial vault (tengkorak kepala)
- kemungkinan besar mengalami seizures (sawan) , mental retarded (terencat akal), schizoprenia.
- physical limitation on one side.. boleh jadi sebelah kiri atau sebelah kanan.. bergantung kepada otak yg bermasalah.

so, kanak-kanak yg aku rawat ini berumur 2 tahun 4 bulan, perempuan dan sangat comel. boleh berjalan, but with little bit awkward walking gait. dalam case ini, kanak2 ini mengalami physical limitation on right side.

pada hari pertama rawatan, beberapa penilaian dijalankan. kanak2 ini bukan mengalami physical limitation due to weakness, but its because of unilateral neglect (abai sebelah badan). maksud nye, kanak2 ni tak nak gune tangan kanan nye sbb die sendiri pon xsedar tangan kanan nye wujud. so, perkembangan tangan kanan nya delay (terbantut).

dalam rawatan, aku menggunakan pendekatan sensory integration approach.. sensory diterapkan pada bahagian badan yg affected untuk improve the propriception (deria sendi). memandangkan kanak2 ini dalam fasa crucial development (perkembangan yg cepat), pendekatan sensory sangat berkesan dalam meransang otak nya.

the treatment of course through playing process.

matlamat rawatan 
- improve proprioception
- improve hand function
- improve walking gait
- improve trunk balance
- reduce unilateral neglect

rawatan2 yg dijalankan

1) ball pool

ni la ruoa ball pool
letak je kanak2 tu dalam ball pool ni.. so die akan menggerakkan seluruh badan nye untuk bergerak..

2) hit the drum

tgk kanak2 di atas, dorg akan gune dua2 belah tangan untuk ketuk drum tu, indirectly this girl use the affected hand. cube demo kat kanak2 tu nak main cam mane, nati die akan ikut ape yg kite buat.

3) throw and catch the ball
semestinya, bola yg besar kene pegang dua2 belah tangan kan?? tak kira la semasa yg baling ke, nak tangkap ke.. so, die akan gune affected hand jugak.

4) joint compression technique and brushing technique.
teknik ni adalah untuk bagi proprioception (joint sense). pastikan kanak2 tu dalam keadaan rilex. kanak2 tu boleh dalam keadaan berbaring, atau pon duduk. terapis akan ajar ibu bapa kepada kanak2 tersebut untuk continue kat rumah.

5) gym ball
byk activity boleh buat dgn gym ball. untuk improve balance, limbs reflex bile nak jatuh n sebagai nye.

6) trampoline
kanak2 akan lompat2 atas trampolin ni.. kl die x pandai lompat, lompat la bersama2 ngan die.. nanti die akan cuba ikut. lompat2 ni akan bagi tekanan pada sendi paha, lutut, buku lali, segala sendi jari kaki, tulang belakang dan sebagai nye. maksudnye boleh improve proprioception jugak. nanti die dapat rasa bahagian badan yg die neglect sebelum ni.

6) home program
ni adalah aktiviti2 yg parents kene buat kat umah
- continue joint compresion and brushing technique hari2
- pimpin tangan kanak2 tu on the affected hand
- pakaikan gelang atau jam pada tangan yg affected
- selalu tepuk tgn.. so kanak2 tu akan guna affected hand mase tepuk
- galakkan kanak2 tu untuk guna tangan yg affected..

itu sajalah info yg boleh aku kongsi.. sebenar nye byk lagi, tp terlalu byk nak cite.. hihi, ape2 soalan boleh la tanya kat komen di bawah  ye..

enjoy reading..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

briEf aboUt

occupational therapist is one pf multidisciplinary team in rehabilitation service besides doctors, nurses, physiotehrapist and speech therapist. in fact, it is rarely known by public compare to physiotherapist. we are also involve in treating clients regarding their physical limitations and mentally illnesses. 

in rehabilitation, therapy done by the specialist in their area and we need to work in team in achieving clients aims such as improve the joint range of motion, strengthening, reduce pain, increase daily function, come back to the independent life to the optimal level, and many more

we are treating a lot of illness of a few area such as;
1) physical rehabiltation
2) pediatric rehabilitation
3) psychiatric rehabilitation
4) work rehabilitation
5) special education
6) gerontology

physical rehabilitation is therapy done for the client with physical limitation for example stroke, fractures, Parkinson's disease, post surgery, oncology clients and etc. we will help patient to improve their life and get back their previous life to the optimal level.
while, pediatric rehabilitation is therapy for children with special needs. as an occupational therapist, we are very concern about the sensory integration. our treatment are differ compare to the other multidisciplinary team which is, we use sensory approach almost of interventions. the chidren with special needs that we are treated are; cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, hyperactive, learning disability, mentally retarded, developmental delay, autism and also Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

in psychiatric rehabilitation, we will help client to be functional in their life according their role. we will maintain the effectiveness of the drugs which are given by doctors so that their will achieve their goals indirectly prevent them to be worst and prone to have serious side effect of the drugs.

furthemore, in work rehabilitation occupational therapist will train the client to get back to their job or to get a new job. the occupational therapist will do a few assessment to see their potential and what are the job scope most suitable for them. if they are not able to get back to their previous job, it is possible to them to train in vocational rehabilitation where they will learn a new skill according their abilities and get a job.

in special education, occupational therapist have to work together with the teachers in school settings. the occupational therapist will help the children in improving their attention and concentration, eye contact, behaviors, social skills and also hand function for writing.
geriatric rehabilitation is the rehabilitation for elderly which have suffer from fall history, weakness, unable to be fully independent and so on. they will undergo the rehabilitation in strengthening muscles to reduce the risk of fall, alert about hazards, safety precautions and also engage in leisure activities.
in process of rehabilitation;
  • occupational therapist will do a few assessment regarding the diagnose, illness, complains and limitations
  • the therapist will discuss about the goals and aims with the clients or parents or caregiver.
  • treatment will be given according to the assessment results such as the limitations, pain and disabilities in achieving their aims. treatment session usually 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • reassessment will be done in follow up session to see any progression or not
  • splinting will be prescribed to the clients who need the splint
  • we also provide report to the doctors and teachers upon request by the clients or the other respective personnel

that's all briefly about occupational therapy which I can share with you all
thank you for visiting and enjoy reading
have a nice day.

After a Long Journey

tahun ni masuk tahun ke 7 betty kerja sebagai Occuptional therapist (OT) walaupun pada 2015 betty jadi lecturer cum clinical instructor, ...