Tuesday, October 18, 2011

briEf aboUt

occupational therapist is one pf multidisciplinary team in rehabilitation service besides doctors, nurses, physiotehrapist and speech therapist. in fact, it is rarely known by public compare to physiotherapist. we are also involve in treating clients regarding their physical limitations and mentally illnesses. 

in rehabilitation, therapy done by the specialist in their area and we need to work in team in achieving clients aims such as improve the joint range of motion, strengthening, reduce pain, increase daily function, come back to the independent life to the optimal level, and many more

we are treating a lot of illness of a few area such as;
1) physical rehabiltation
2) pediatric rehabilitation
3) psychiatric rehabilitation
4) work rehabilitation
5) special education
6) gerontology

physical rehabilitation is therapy done for the client with physical limitation for example stroke, fractures, Parkinson's disease, post surgery, oncology clients and etc. we will help patient to improve their life and get back their previous life to the optimal level.
while, pediatric rehabilitation is therapy for children with special needs. as an occupational therapist, we are very concern about the sensory integration. our treatment are differ compare to the other multidisciplinary team which is, we use sensory approach almost of interventions. the chidren with special needs that we are treated are; cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, hyperactive, learning disability, mentally retarded, developmental delay, autism and also Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

in psychiatric rehabilitation, we will help client to be functional in their life according their role. we will maintain the effectiveness of the drugs which are given by doctors so that their will achieve their goals indirectly prevent them to be worst and prone to have serious side effect of the drugs.

furthemore, in work rehabilitation occupational therapist will train the client to get back to their job or to get a new job. the occupational therapist will do a few assessment to see their potential and what are the job scope most suitable for them. if they are not able to get back to their previous job, it is possible to them to train in vocational rehabilitation where they will learn a new skill according their abilities and get a job.

in special education, occupational therapist have to work together with the teachers in school settings. the occupational therapist will help the children in improving their attention and concentration, eye contact, behaviors, social skills and also hand function for writing.
geriatric rehabilitation is the rehabilitation for elderly which have suffer from fall history, weakness, unable to be fully independent and so on. they will undergo the rehabilitation in strengthening muscles to reduce the risk of fall, alert about hazards, safety precautions and also engage in leisure activities.
in process of rehabilitation;
  • occupational therapist will do a few assessment regarding the diagnose, illness, complains and limitations
  • the therapist will discuss about the goals and aims with the clients or parents or caregiver.
  • treatment will be given according to the assessment results such as the limitations, pain and disabilities in achieving their aims. treatment session usually 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • reassessment will be done in follow up session to see any progression or not
  • splinting will be prescribed to the clients who need the splint
  • we also provide report to the doctors and teachers upon request by the clients or the other respective personnel

that's all briefly about occupational therapy which I can share with you all
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