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FreeLance : for ADHD

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here, i'll briefly explain what can i do during the treatment session done at the client's home compare to the rehabilitation setting.

first of all, as we all know in rehabilitation setting the equipment is a lot and up-to-date. furthermore, the environment also isolated from others so that the children can pay attention to the activities given during the treatment. but the bussiness hour for freelance more flexible which can fix with parents' time and parents do not have to travel to send their children to get the treatment.

for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) children we are as therapist really concern about the three main things. which are sensory regulation, eye contact, and attention and concerntration   (to reduce hyperactivity)

sensory regulation
at rehabilitation setting, we are equiped with sensory integration room and also the snoezelen room which are help a lot for calming and relaxing purposes and also to regulate the sensory. while at home setting, we are use a lot of hands on techniques for example; to reduce the hyperactivity we use the sensory intergration approach such as joint compression technique, brushing techniqe, and etc.

eye contact
while to imrove the eye contact,the treatment at the rehabilitation centre and home are same. play therapy are most affective for the children. through play therapy, the toys and activities selected by therapist will have certain aims and goals.

attention and concentration
in rehabilitation setting we defenately use the snoezelen room to reduce the hyperactivity and then follow by the table top activities.while, at home we will reduce the hyperactivity by joint compression technique or ' rowing boat' or 'rolling sousage'  then continue with table top activities.

all the aims and goals recommended by the therapist will be discuss with the parents first. once agreed, the treatment will be done accordingly.

the treatment give must follow the priority. for example:

short term goals
1) reduce the hyperactivity
2) improve eye contact
3) improve the sensory regulations

long term goals
1) self care activities (eg. dressing, feeding, and hygiene)
2) school readiness ( eg. fine motor, attention and concentration, behavior and etc)
3) behavior (eg. stop the bad habits such as biting and hurting themselves, disturb others, and tantrums)
4) safety awareness (eg: alert about danger and hazards such as 'hot water', 'fire', 'slippery surface', 'sarp edge', 'strangers', 'cars at the roadside' and manymore)

every treatment to each children might be different to each other. all the traetment and interventions will depends on the asessment results and problems.

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