Thursday, November 24, 2011

FreeLance : sTroke

as we all know stroke patient apparently have one sided physical impairment and may be minor of major of cognitive and psychological problem.

for physical problem, physiotherapist and occupational therapist have to work together in gaining back the 
function. our general aim is to make client independent in life to the optimum level.

we will improve the range of motion and also muscle strength so that client able to move the affected body part. once the optimum range of motion and strength  had achieved, client can use some of assistive devices to make them easier in daily activities.

FreeLance for stroke (treatment by therapist at home), the treatment also focus the same aims as above. at the same time we will normalize the muscle tone for both flaccid (hypotone) or spactic (hypertone). 

strengthening exercise

feeding training

constrain induced movement therapy (CIMT) and bobath approach are the most applied by the therapist seems is works on stroke client. CIMT is the unaffected will be bandage to avoid client from using it. thus 100% activity during the treatment will only use the affected hand actively. while bobath approach help a lot in improving cleint's proprioception (joints sense) .

later on, the client will be taught how to dress, bath, groom, walk, toilet, independently. all the treatment will be given by stages for grading purpose.

FreeLance Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
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  1. Best o luck... The world need people like u. Just that Malaysians don't really know ur existence yet... Truth is... We all need u :)

  2. thanx a lot for your warm support, dr hannan


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