Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FreeLance : Learning Disability

learning disability always associate with dyslexia. it is almost the same, but slightly different
learning disability may pertaining to other disability such as physical limitations, down's syndrome, autism, mental retarded and many more..
but, dyslexia usually cause by unable to recognize the letter,spelling, and confusion in calculation.

treatment by occupational therapy regarding both problem, we will tackle the attention and concentration first
then, to give them input about the letter, concept and calculation, we use sensory approach

for example, 
sand therapy - using fingers, to write on the sand..
dough - make the shape of cake, and cut the cake into few pieces.
marbles - for additional and subtract..
whatever it is, occupational therapy can not be a teacher to teach all about the lessons
but, we may help in overcome the problem in built the concept and imagination in them..
-occupational therapy-

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