Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wHat caN I dO???

a vegetative patient had referred to me for therapy
in the first year working, its quite tough for me
the prognosis was poor, seems the patient can not survive anymore
anyway, it just a prognosis which is miracle might be happen

after referring to the senior, and do some study..
actually my role was big to this patient
i have to keep moving the joints to prevent contracture, prescribe splint, prevent spasticity and many more.

what if,,, the patient had recover, but the joint already tight and the muscle  already stiff????
patient have to undergo more tiring physical rehabilitation so that they can be functional back
and, for the serious case, the spasticity and tightness unable to fix back due to no movement during coma

what ever it is, you have to help patient as you can..
no condition in exception
all patients have right to survive..

- occupational therapist -

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