Monday, December 26, 2011

preTerM baBy

preterm baby is the baby who is deliver before the due date, a.k.a tak cukup bulan
some of them within range of acceptable weight, and some are underweight..
consider underweight which is below 1.7 or 1.8 kg
so, they will be in incubator or in court for follow up screening by the doctor everyday and every time

as occupational therapy we can help in improving the baby weight,
yup, that's right..
mother breast milk is most important thing and the best remedy for the baby..
well, therapist will help the mother how to do the 'touch therapy' for the baby which is effective to increase baby's weight
for the baby in ward, usually touch therapy will be done by the therapist,
but, it is the best done by the mother because the mother touch is so miracle..

touch therapy is the massage to stimulate all the glands, the sensory, and improve baby's blood circulation..
for the normal baby, they are active in moving, 
but for the preterm baby, they just lying in the couch without playing and moving actively..
thus, we have to stimulate the baby by masaging, and do some light stretching..

the massage should be twice or trice a day
morning, evening, and before sleep..
the baby will be improve in weight..
improve in sensory which is can prevent for delay development..
and improve the circulation..

any info or help, kindly contact me,,

-occupational therapist-

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