Saturday, February 18, 2012

: : cOme baCk : :

hello everyone..
it's been a long time I haven't drop here and write something..

well, last week seems a week of sad..
Al-faatihah for my beloved patient..
I love her as my own granny..
her family, so closed wit me..
she has a good and great family, who always by her side and give her support..

she was diagnose as lung cancer at stage 4 since mid last year, and in Disember 2011, she had stroke..
i'll go to her daughter house for treatment..
alhamdulillah, she such a strong woman..
she shows a lot of improvement ..

but, the happiness of the gud news was not last longer..
the last time I treat her, her condition worse..
her body so cold..
she urinate so much, pass motion, and vomit a lot..

my friend and I unable to complete the treatment due her condition..
in deep inside my heart, I'm so touch..
we just help what we can help..
and at that night we go home wit some kind of feelings..

early tommorrow morning, at 5 a.m,
she came back to rahmatullah, peacefully..
I'm so surprised to hear that..

al-fatihah for arwah...
I'm gonna miss her..
semoga roh nye dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yg beriman..

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