Wednesday, January 4, 2012

is iTcaN be TreaTed?????

how can autism, down's syndrome and cerebral palsy can be treated even though we know its not curable and degenerative???

yes, its true..
i'm not treat the diagnose directly..
what can i do are to make the children with those condition become functional and able to be independent to the optimum level..

the aim such as able do toileting independently..
try you imagine, once the child grow up and puberty, but they still dependent in toileting..
at home, the mom will help them, but once go to school???
that's right, they can use diapers, well it is good if they able to do it independently, which is we concern about hygiene and health

second is, feeding themselves properly
at home, the parents or caregiver able to feed them,
once the parents/carer are not around, they will eat with messy and the food do not full their stomach seem it mess around on the table..
moreover, how the child be able to eat by themselves???
we will train the fine motor first, then train using spoon then, using barely hand..

furthemore, for the behavior problem..
we'll train them to be more behave..
by using the sensory approach..

for cerebral palsy, we know the condition is degenarative which is it become worst by time..
the spasticity increase and pattern of the muscles make the child become stiff and tight..
we as therapist will try to delay the spasticity process

our main aim is to make the child to be functional and independent to the optimum level.
and therapist is exist is to help parents in sense of humanity..

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